About HIFN

The aims and objectives are the following;

  • To represent and advance the interests of the Private Health Care sector and Namibian Health Industry in its entirety;

  • To develop and advance an accurate and fair understanding of the contribution of the Private sector;

  • To influence and positively impact the regulatory environment in which the Private Health sector operates;

  • To engage with Government to develop solutions for sustainable healthcare;

  • To develop proposals for leveraging the contribution of the Private Healthcare sector to the overall healthcare system;

  • To identify barriers to – and develop enablers for – affordability in the Private Healthcare sector;

  • To assist and empower membership associations by providing advice, guidance, comparative experience and a forum for discussion

  • To promote unity within the Private Healthcare sector;


The forum will have the powers to perform the following, including to:

  • Hold public meetings, workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences;

  • Publish position papers;

  • Lobby Parliament;

  • Engage Government and other interested parties

  • Issue press statements and hold press conferences

  • Commission research


The forum will make decisions as follows;

  • The forum will seek to make decisions by consensus

  • Consensus will exist of there is clear weight on an issue.  HIFN chairperson will determine of issue exist

  • If consensus is not achieved, a vote will be taken to determine issue under consideration

  • A simple majority of votes will determine the issue

  • A dissenting association will have the right to minute its objection to  the decision